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by Greg Morabito Apr 21, 2013, 10:30am EDT

Whitmans on East Ninth Street serves several different regional burger specialties, but the dish that's received the most attention and acclaim is the pimento cheese-stuffed Juicy Lucy burger. Eater recently chatted with owners Larry Kramer and James Cruickshank about bringing this Minnesota favorite to New York City, and about what it's like to run a small, sit-down burger restaurant in the East Village.

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East Village burger favorite Whitman's will soon have a West Chelsea location

by Serena Dai Apr 14, 2016, 10:14am EDT

The restaurant signed a lease for a more than 1,700-square-foot space at the Abington House on the High Line, a luxury rental building at 500 West 30th St. It's near Hudson Yards and will open this fall with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is their third location.

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Famous for its rendition on the Juicy Lucy -- a burger with a cheese-stuffed meat patty, for you amateur gluttons -- Whitmans delivers on the American Dream with indulgent burgers and rich sides like deep-fried crack kale, fried pickles, and sweet potato fries. The ground-floor counter service is grab-and-go, but the downstairs dining area offers a more intimate and leisurely setting in which to court your peanut butter-bacon burger.

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New York City's Best Burgers: The Definitive Guide

By LUCY MEILUS Updated On 03/26/2018 at 05:45PM EST@lucymeilus

Minnesota's state cheeseburger has a loving home in the East Village. The beef/short rib blend featured in the Juicy Lucy at Whitmans comes stuffed with an almost overwhelming amount of pimento cheese (cut it open if you're looking for the safest, least shirt-damaging route in) plus caramelized onions and special sauce on a sesame bun. While we may not be very thankful for hockey, we should all be indebted to Minnesota for a burger that oozes this much cheese.

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The Best Burger in 29 Manhattan Neighborhoods


Whitmans originated in the East Village, and its new Hudson Yards branch is great news for the neighborhood. It’s one of the few places in the city making a real-deal Jucy Lucy, which, for the uninitiated, is basically an inside-out cheeseburger, featuring a patty stuffed with molten cheese (Pimento, in this case).

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The Best Cheap Burgers in NYC

Juicy Lucy at Whitmans

East Village

We fantasize about the satisfaction of chomping into a Juicy Lucy—a Minneapolis burger variant cooked with cheese inside the patty rather than on top. The handsome one-hander boasts prime ingredients, like a proprietary Pat LaFrieda rib blend, a Martin's potato roll and crunchy McClure's pickles, along with a gooey pocket of pimento cheese bubbling away in the medium-rare center. $12.

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Cheese It Up: Hometown Hungers: Best Juicy Lucy Outside of Minneapolis

By: Samantha Lande

Whitmans, New York

Locals head to Whitmans for the comforting dishes that pull in locally sourced ingredients, with the craft burgers being chief among the menu choices. And arguably the most popular burger of them all is the Juicy Lucy. This Southern-tinged version features two beef short rib-blend patties brimming with pimento cheese and crowned with a tangle of caramelized onions, spicy pickles and Bibb lettuce stacked on a slice of tomato. The whole lot comes served on a sesame seed bun. The menu also offers a second variation, the Bluicy, which trades the pimento cheese for blue cheese and subs out the caramelized onion and Bibb lettuce for red onion and arugula.

Photo courtesy of Whitmans

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The 14 Best Burgers In NYC


WHITMAN'S: This small East Village spot boasts the famed Juicy Lucy, a piping hot patty made of a Pat LaFrieda beef short rib blend and stuffed with piquant, super-melty pimento cheese. The whole shebang, served with caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato, spicy pickles and sauce, runs $11. Do note the menu's warning note—"juicy lucy is very hot in the middle and might squirt"—lest you leave Whitman's with third degree cheese burns. If the Juicy Lucy doesn't call to you, there's also a grilled brisket beef "Mangold" burger, a P B&B burger made with bacon and peanut butter, a bacon, egg and cheese burger and a $7 classic burger.

Whitman's is located at 406 East 9th Street between 1st Ave and Ave A in the East Village (212-228-8011,

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Time Out says

This burger shop features a takeout counter upstairs and a casual dining room on the lower level. Our favorite of the speciality sandwiches is a locavore spin on the Juicy Lucy—a Minneapolis burger variant cooked with cheese inside the patty rather than on top. The handsome one-hander boasts prime ingredients, like a proprietary Pat LaFrieda rib blend, a seeded Blue Ribbon bun and crunchy McClure’s pickles, along with an added Southern twang: a gooey pocket of pimento cheese bubbling away in the medium-rare center.

photo: Alex Strada

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Whitmans in the East Village to Get a Dining Room Next Month


Whitmans, the latest seasonally inspired, locavoric, Pat LaFrieda patty-peddling gourmet burger joint in the East Village, is already gearing up for expansion. Upstairs, there are only a couple seats at the counter and a small table, but a downstairs dining room is slated to open in early August.

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